About Ferrovial

Ferrovial is one of the world’s leading infrastructure operators and municipal services companies, committed to developing sustainable solutions.

Founded in 1952 and headquartered in Madrid, Ferrovial has a workforce of over 80,000 employees and operations in 25 countries. Through its four business lines—Services, Highways, Construction and Airports—Ferrovial owns, builds, operates and manages major infrastructure assets around the world including London’s Heathrow Airport and Canada’s 407 ETR highway. In the US, its brands include Cintra, Ferrovial Airports, Ferrovial Construction, Webber and Cadagua.

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About Cintra

Cintra, a subsidiary of Ferrovial, is a global leader in private transportation infrastructure development with 24 concession projects in nine countries totaling nearly 1,000 miles of managed highways worldwide, representing a total global investment in roadway improvements of over $24 billion.

With its North American headquarters based in Austin, Cintra manages over $11 billion of infrastructure assets in the US and over $6 billion of infrastructure assets in Canada, including the LBJ Express, North Tarrant Express (NTE), and NTE 35W in Texas, the recently opened I-77 Express Lanes in Charlotte, NC and the I-66 Outside the Beltway project in Virginia.

Cintra believes in investing in the communities we serve and in Texas alone, our projects have utilized more than 2,000 local firms during construction and have awarded approximately $600 million dollars in contracts to Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firms.

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Existing Partners

Cintra is leading an ecosystem of partners working together to create scalable, adaptable and future-proof solutions that will interconnect to create a complete digitalization of transportation corridors to enable a new era of safety and connectivity for all.

AIVIA is continuously recruiting partners to help create the most comprehensive ecosystem of technology software to build the most complete, future-proof connected corridor solution that evolves as new technology and innovations are made available.

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